We Make Your Web Apps Interactive;Faster;Cleaner;Scalable With Angular Development Framework

Choose your web application to be five times faster by choosing Angular Development framework. With its enhanced algorithm and component-based structure, Angular, Google’s most advanced TypeScript framework, is lauded for being a better pick for web application development. NSquare Web is one of the leading Angular Development Companies with 360° solutions to build an interactive web application. Our Angular web development engineers are keen on leveraging their expertise in Angular to develop cross-platform applications for the clients. We provide complete assistance in accomplishing your business goals in the tech industry.


Our Flow of Action

Watch Your Vision Turn Into A Fully Functional App

Q and A

Brace yourself, because it will be raining questions! Our research team is relentless when it comes to Q and A sessions with clients. We don’t believe in assuming your vision; we ask and ask because it’s the little details that may help us build your web app just like you want.


We take a deep dive into the market landscape of your business to understand the trends and customer behavior. We believe in conducting extensive research to know the driving force of your target audience. Our team makes sure to draft the right approach for maximum efficiency.


NSquare Web believes in developing a research-backed strategy that allows us to execute the development stages effectively. We focus on potential-growth of the application before developing the features-list to prioritize smooth end-to-end user flow. We keep user-experience in the center to optimize your app’s potential.


Creativity with feasibility is our passion. Our in-house designers work persistently on aesthetics, but the viability of our designs enhances the beauty of it. We develop robust frameworks with apt UX/UI designs after considering all the variations possible. Our designers come up with a prototype for you to see how your web application would look.


Our front-end engineers are obsessed with coding pixel-perfect application interfaces while our back-end engineers are diehard coding fans specializing in crafting apps from scratch. Both our teams communicate to their best capacity making the performance of the app their priority.


Where there’s code, there has to be testing and analysis. Quality assurance is the core part of our web application development services. We use manual as well as automated testing to make sure your web application is free of any bugs or errors. We promise to deliver a clean app to you before the launch.


We don’t leave our clients high and dry, i.e., our work doesn’t end at development. You will receive 100% assistance in launching your digital product. We navigate through the entire process of app store approval making the ‘Launch’ a piece of cake for you. Our analytics team makes sure your digital product is analytics-powered with the right tools and KPIs.


Coming from the world of technology, NSquare Web understands the importance of staying up-to-date with technology. We make sure to provide easy-maintenance of the web applications. Our team reads through the trends and user-feedbacks to give the app what it needs to stay at the top of the game.

Why Angular May Be A Better Choice For Your Application

Intuitive & Expressive

When it comes to expression and syntax, Angular is much more intuitive with easier data binding properties.

Faster & Cleaner

Because it has a better algorithm for data binding and supports lazy loading, Angular is at least five times faster than other frameworks. Its component-based architecture and TypeFirst approach offer cleaner code and better navigation.

SEO Friendly

Angular possesses in-built extensions for server-side rendering, which enables the developers to sync the client and server-side of the content. This is a huge plus for SEO.

Supports Cross-Platform Use

The best advantage of choosing Angular Web Development is the fact that it is compatible with both mobiles and web browsers.

Easy Maintenance

Angular supports independent components, which makes it easier for developers to update, change, or replace them as and when needed.

Test Friendly

The self-sufficient and independent components of Angular framework add reusability and test-friendliness to the advantages of the framework.

We Are Exactly What You Are Looking For In Your Technology Partner


Our experienced Angular Web Development Ninjas ace in customization. We promise to put our years of experience into use to develop a unique, interactive application for you.


Our anchor, the founder of the company, is a trusted name in the Angular web technology with high-end associations and interesting projects. Rest assured, we are known to deliver solutions on time, in the budget.


We like nothing more than being honest, as it makes things a lot easier. NSquare Web is the most interactive Angular Web Development Company with a provision of support across all channels- Skype, e-mail, Social Media.


Customer satisfaction tops on the list of NSquare Web’s objectives. We strive to align our Angular web development solutions with our consumer’s needs. Our entire team stays in touch with the client for the same.


We believe we have the best costing methods in the industry. Our business development and accounts team make sure to offer the best Angular development solutions for our client’s budgetary constraints.

On Our Feet

Technology is an ever-changing industry, and we like to stay on our feet to compete with that. Our maintenance and support team try their best to provide instant support for Angular applications to our clients.